Barrage Blues


For the past week, weather was really bad everyday. Basically no sunrise and sunsets for nearly 5 days before the sun started to show on Friday. So my friends decided to go stretch our limbs on Saturday. It was very crowded evening because there was another group of people attending a Night Photography Class which had their practical at Marina Barrage as well.

This show was simple and really easy to achieve. Just make sure the timing of capture is of dramatic colors and everything else will just stand out easily. Post processing of Cityscape esp night ones involves more sharpening and boosting of exposure without compromising the highlights. Therefore, just have to watch out for the highlights when processing.

Settings: ISO 100, f8, 25s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – Sirui N1004 + G20
Place – Marina Barrage

We had a special guest visitor – LKY who was having his evening strolls in the park. Really excited to see him in person.


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