Back Pain

For the past 2 weeks I have been looking for a solution to lighten my camera weight. My back hurts badly after a day of wedding.

So far 3 cameras I am eyeing to try out this experiment:

1) Olympus (The low light is very bad)
2) Sony (I dont like the raw file)
3) Fuji (currently the top in my mind)

I have tried Olympus once and the low light capability of this will not suffice for weddings where ISO can run easily to 6400. So I am pretty much stuck to 2 & 3.

I don’t like the raw file of Sony. So I am stuck with Fuji.

I have tried Fuji 3 times till today – XE1, XM1 and X100s and all 3 have been terrible at AF. My nikon might be a bad benchmark for comparing AF as everything is so simple on it. And my weird habit of back button focusing makes choosing a camera all the more difficult.

I have shortlisted – XE2 and XT10 to try. Lens wise will be 16mm, 35mm and 56mm. I think this 3 primes will suffice for most situations. Meanwhile, might get a 50-140 for emergency purposes.

The above planning is in the pipe and will definitely need more testing before I make the move.

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