It’s an annual affair with NDP. My first time at this angle for fireworks so was caught off guard during the initial burst. There was this uncle standing next to me who was curious about what I was doing and asked me why I shot this way. Guess he will know now…

Total of 8 fireworks shots with 1 base shot merged together.

I am struggling with being alone and finding people around me. I ask myself…what did I do wrongly that I am so alone right now. This is a very interesting study of myself by myself. Maybe I am too direct? Maybe I am not fun to be around? Maybe I am too rational?

Speaking of rationality, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about this. I must admit she is right. People who are rational tend to see what is at the end ahead and know what is needed to be sacrificed. I hate it.

Speaking of which I made a rather irrational choice on a particular matter.

People enter our lives for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. Most will be seasons or reasons. Very few will become lifetimes. The problem is when we mix up those “seasonal” or “reason” people with lifetime expectations. Many bad relationships and broken marriages have been created over this, and it just never works or brings us peace because we were only intended to know them for a season or a reason. To learn something from the experience (sometimes good or bad,) and then let them move on or move on ourselves. But the lifetime people, those are the ones (and we only get 2 or 3 in our whole life,) who will remain. So the key is. Let people go. The lifetime ones will always stay or yes, perhaps even find their way back to us if that is what’s meant to be. Everyone else however, they were never intended to do anything except pass through our lives, provide us with a lesson or an experience, maybe help us through a rough patch, and be on their way. Let them go!

One thought on “Pyrotechnics

  1. People who are grateful to others have many lifetime buddies who are willing to help regardless what happen
    People who are humble have many lifetime buddies to share the joy of success together
    People who are sincere have many lifetime buddies to share secret and laugh it together through difficult time.
    People who are trustworthy have many lifetime buddies who they can count on.

    When you are alone today, ask yourself , are you being grateful to yr friends who ever help you or you always feel you own yr success yourself . When no one trust you , ask yourself are you being truthful and honest to your friends around you or there is always something to hide. When you post this post , ask yourself what is the real reason of posting this ? To gain sympathy or just waiting for all your “fan” to come out defend for you. Thing happen for a reason. There is no right or wrong. Just different style of living.

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