Missing out on everything

For the past 2 months, my life was a blur. I have been travelling out of SG for business trips every week. I traveled till I lost track of time and was not sure which country I am in – syndrome of missing home. Business trips are very tiring which a lot of people dont seem to understand till they tried it. Sometimes the flights are so crappy that you are stuck in hotel lobby typing emails, getting stuck in traffic is common and moving around for meetings are just so tiring. People think its like holiday trip where you have the whole day to yourself. Time to break the mirror and wake everyone up to reality. How are you going to answer your boss if you took the afternoon away to go sightseeing! This is a business trip, not a holiday. Usually, the day ends at 6 with a dinner and after that is the usual drinks/pub. Nothing much you can do or experience.

On the other side of business, I have been getting more queries to wedding photography due to my friends’ recommendation. I am truly grateful for such kindness and support from friends. I am still figuring out how to plunge myself into the unknown. There is so much pressure from friends for me to take that step. But I am so scared of the unknown.

I guess one has to be patient with God and believe that His timing is the best. Sometimes our human nature takes the better of us and we ignore Him. In the midst of it all, I know I need to listen and accept. It really sucks when you meet a nice person and yet cant do anything about it. It is so frustrating.

Meanwhile, lets pray that I keep in constant talk with God.

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