Pushing it away

The past few weeks have been crazy – meeting deadlines, moving into my new role and travelling to Msia with my buddies. The only upside to all of these craziness is that it keeps me away from thinking about stuff. The more I idle, the crazier my thoughts. Sometimes, I am so scared of myself that I sleep it away. The greatest demon is ourselves.

For the past few weeks, I have been out of country for many days. The first trip was to Malacca with my college friends. It was a food trip where every pitstop is for eating the local delicacies. Malaysia boleh. I say it not to mock MY but more of an affection for the food in MY. Take this for irony – the bah kut teh in Malaysia is the best, considering that it is a Muslim majority/dominated country. This time round, I travelled with 2 of my SG buddies and 2 of MY buddies who drove us around. Our first dinner was….*suspense and drumroll* BAH KUT TEH!!! That nostalgic feeling came rushing back with each bite that I took. We ate at every pit stop that one of my friends fell sick from over-eating. The trip was made possible by 2 very kind individuals who took time out of their busy schedule to drive us around the weekend. Their warmth and kindness towards us is something that I will definitely return in kind when they visit SG.

My second trip was to Dubai for work. It was a last minute decision to fly me down to provide marketing coverage for the conference. The word to describe Dubai is flashy. The place just doesn’t feel right. Everything is about showing off your status and money. Many of the rich in SG that I know are humble about their wealth and don’t flaunt it on their tongue. Dubai lacks human warmth and culture. There seems to be more foreigners than locals everywhere I go. The one thing that I like about Dubai is the skyline. It is most probably every photographers dream to visit this place for cityscape photography. A tip for fella photographers – use google map to locate the vantage point then book the hotel for it. This seems to be the best formula to catching some particular famous shots of Dubai. Perhaps I’m too poor to truly enjoy Dubai and I bet there are countless who will refute the points I made above. (Good for you *thumbs up*)

My last trip was to HK to visit my friend Bo Chai (canto name) as he is affectionately known to us. Stay tune to find out more about Bo Chai.

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