Bo Chai

Perhaps I will start off by explaining his name. The word Bo means Ball and is pronounced Ball with a higher pitch to it. Chai in canto is the equivalent to bro in English. His nickname came about because of his love for Nike basketball shoes. I met Bo Chai in my previous trip to HK for Summit 2015 conference.

Bo Chai is a very unique individual who treats his friends with generosity and love. He extended an invitation for me to visit him and even stay over at his place. I’m worried about Mr Bo as he is out of job and is trying his utmost to get back on his feet. My previous experience of being out of job came of use as I chatted with him regarding his job hunt. Somehow I feel that his unemployment streak is coming to an end very soon.

Mr Bo has developed a few weird habits due to unemployment – he wakes up every few hours in the night to do things. Some of the crazy stuff he does – eat sausages, prepare resumes and blast music. Luckily we have the same eccentric taste for music else I might have punch him for waking me up for no reason. I have always believe that the small little things that people does for you matters more and I usually observe such stuff. Mr Bo offered to pick me up at Central despite having a headache. (Gotta call him a bro) He even sorted out my local SIM card issues and my return express train ticket. #truebro

*more to come*

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