Hong Kong


The land of dim sum. Alas, I visited the country for work and leisure. A lot of people have this misunderstanding of travelling for work. People usually give this comment when they hear you are travelling for work – Go and enjoy yourself. For those who have been on business trips will agree with me that it is totally not enjoyable. Business and leisure are two different matters. This time round, I decided to extend my trip by 3 days to spend some time in Hong Kong.

Summit seems to be much more manageable than last year’s. For instance, I had time to eat breakfast and had decent sleep. I guess my experience over the years is starting to pay off. I played a producer role during Summit and had to run all over the place conducting interviews. On top of that, I had to look after my new baby – insTABooth. (I am really very proud of the photo booth which I just started) It was also at this booth where I met Tempsin and Kaza.

I was so caught up with work that I didn’t plan anything for my 3 days in Hong Kong. All I knew was to “EAT”. I must count myself lucky as Tempsin offered to bring me around. Woooohooo! It is always good to be brought around by a local when you travel cause they know what’s best! Our first stop started with a Skybar at some secret-hotel-which-I-only-know-how-to-walk-there. I enjoyed this place as it was quiet, had a great view and the drinks were reasonably priced. For dinner, she brought me to this place called “Tai Bai Tong”. Once again, I got no idea how to get there. It has some really good seafood!!


My plans for second day was the Peak and street photography. However, the weather didn’t hold up well enough. Eventually, I didn’t go up the peak and met up with Tempsin for late lunch instead. Once again, she brought me to somewhere deep in Wan Chai to eat the local delights. I never knew maggi mee was so nice till I tried the store. After knowing that I was an Apple geek, she brought me to see this mega huge apple store! Wowowow!!! Fortunately, the store was packed with numerous similar geeks like me all ogling at the latest Apple products.


Hong Kong would never be the same without Tempsin bringing me around. She is bright and cheerful which is the opposite of me. According to her, sometimes, I get so quiet that it becomes awkward. *Point taken* Once again, thank you so so much Tempsin!!!


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