LKW 1923-2015-1
Poster credit: Valen Siew

I am writing this (with grief) in remembrance of our founding father – Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I barely know this man and neither have I spoken to him yet I feel a certain sadness in my heart after learning of his passing.

The one thing that his iron fist is unable to stop is the age of internet. Through the Internet, I believe many of the younger generations will read a lot articles critising his rule and strong hold over SG. The thing that I learnt from my history lessons in school is to always take whatever you read with a pinch of salt. Don’t blindly believe and just establish a one-sided view about an issue. Anyway, I am not here to debate about him so we shall end it here.

I guess the reason for this sadness is due to an appreciation for his hardwork in building Singapore. I am pretty sure that without his strong will and extraordinary vision, Singapore would not turn out as we are today.

I will not shy away when someone calls for a Singaporean. I will hold my head high with pride. I am proud to call myself a Singaporean.


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