Getting use to being alone

The waiter asked: “How many person?” I indicated with my hands and I could feel the judgmental stares of people in the queue behind me. That’s exactly how I feel the first time I walked into a hipster cafe for brunch alone. Ever since 2013, I am slowly learning to be alone and more importantly to be happy. I am really glad that God has put many friends to support me during that dark period. I was truly depressed but I snapped out of it and decided to be happy.

Nowadays, I spend most of my weekends alone – eating my favorite brunch, shopping, visiting some hipster cafe, watching movie and list goes on and on. I am getting accustomed to the huge gap that was left behind from my breakup. Sometimes when I do these stuff, I do imagine Y next to me and giving me smart comments. Please dont call me crazy..

I have never waited long for my seats at brunch places. It is so easy to get a seat alone. I just breeze past the long queue and be pointed to a seat quickly. A few weeks back, I got this urge to watch “Taken 3” on a Saturday in the evening in town. That is the worse timing to get seats. Cutting the story short, I gotten really good tickets 15mins before the movie started. Awesome!

However, shopping alone is tough because I make stupid decisions most of the time. Just feel that my indecisiveness wastes lots of time. On top of that, seems like I am always buying back the same old stuff over and over again. My wardrobe seems to be the same…. sigh. Need some help here.

This is my theory as to why I love Japan so much. In SG, I took on a more passive role of being alone as this is my home. I just sit around and observe the crowd around me. However, in Japan, I took on a more active role of being alone as everywhere is new for me. I was constantly trying to find out more and gain more new experiences.

I didn’t write the post to gain sympathy and get my friends attention. Just wanna say that I am really fine where I am and it is really alright to be alone. It also gives me more time to spend with God. Sometimes, I just talk to Him in my thoughts when I sit quietly in a corner sipping my coffee. I am really thankful for what God has blessed me with over the past 2 years. Truly thankful.


One thought on “Getting use to being alone

  1. Thanks for sharing this, G!

    Had a chat on enjoying quality alone time with a friend before – and we both agreed that it takes a little getting used to, and more often than not, we over-think about how others may perceive or view the lifestyle choice… But it’s thoroughly rewarding to find your self through the process.

    So, enjoy this quiet season – I hope you find peace in this walk… And pause every now and then to listen to what God has to say as He walks with ya. 🙂

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