Post Japan

Previously, I posted a blog post regarding my Japan trip from 4-12 Dec. I was so busy after I got back to SG that I barely got time to write or even process the Japan photos. I had a maternity shoot and a few other projects and everything was crammed up into that week.

The Japan trip changed me.

I could feel the changes especially after documenting a wedding last week. The way I compose a photo has become more critical and slower. I feel weird. Oh well…I MISS JAPAN!!! SOMEONE JUST BRING ME BACK THERE AGAIN!!!

I love Kyoto. I love the old rustic streets. I love the tranquility. I love the old temples. I love the culture. Just so much to rave about. *Hold on a sec – Not indicating that Japan is perfect* The place is just so photogenic. I recently posted a photo on my Facebook of Arayshimaya’s bamboo grove. My friend thought I used my DSLR to take the image but when he saw that it was from my phone, he was totally “WOWWWWW”. Just imagine his facial expression. (I’m not saying I am a super photographer) I was referring to how easy beautiful pictures can be made at Kyoto. Everywhere I walked, compositions and ideas flooded my head. I had to control myself and not go trigger happy as I have limited memory cards with me.

As I plan for 2015, the top top top wanna do thing is an engagement shoot in Japan. Anywhere in Japan. Someone just bring me there!!! I promise you I won’t bite and will take pictures to immortalize the moments before your actual day!!


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