Figuring things out

My apologies for the lack of updates on the blog. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. First, I have completed 3 pre-wedding shoots for 3 of my good friends. I am now in the midst of processing all the photos and already feeling excited just looking at it. Thank God for these 3 wonderful photoshoots – weather, people, location and His blessings upon us. Along the way of the shoot, I also discovered more stories about my friends and learnt more of their journey towards marriage. I guess the similarity in all their relationship is Christianity and God.

Secondly, I have attempted something which was bugging me…to shoot the whole pre-wedding with just 50mm. I attempted it for 2 of the shoots and it was about 95% of the shots. There were some situations which required my 70-200 and 18-35. I must review this…it is an excellent combo!!! The 50 F1.8g really shines with my D800 and is uber sharp. I am use to the 50 focal length as I find the 35mm too wide and intrusive. Just too much information. I guess its a personal preference but ultimately whichever works for ya is a good lens.

I will try to update this blog quickly about more photography stuff soon. Next up, I hope to get the 70-200mm vr2 and then attempt a shoot mainly with it. Its quite a crazy jump from my Sigma but considering I only have 3 options, it is a pretty reasonable choice. I am still thinking if the 80-200mm might suffice….hmm…so many things to figure out…

Dear God,

Thank you for seeing me through the 3 shoots. I could feel your invisible hands working behind the scenes. You provided the good weather, the wonderful locations and the inspirations. I commit to you these 3 group of friends into your hands as they embark into the next phrase of life – marriage. Let them continually remember to seek you and be a testimony for you. Lord, I just pray that you will give me the wisdom and health to finish the rest of the shoots. You know my worries and concerns…and I commit all of these burdens to you.



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