I made a few aims in February when I first started wedding photography.  One of which was to start doing prints for clients. After a lifestyle pre-wed shoot for Grace and Wing, I printed out the photos! It was a last minute decision made at crazy time of 2am to start this whole mini mania project! I begin preparing the photos for print and tried to figure out the settings on the printer to get the best results. I must admit that the feeling of seeing your work in print is AWESOME!!! There was this sense of achievement. Something I havent felt in a long long time…

This is my own personal opinion of a wedding photographer’s ability. On top of getting good shots, he/she must be able to handle prints. People must be thinking…”What’s so hard about printing?” Go try it and you will start to scratch your head about colors, contrast, bleeds etc. There  are a few variables to consider when doing prints. Oh well….just try it and you will know.

I read Ps Dev’s book – Plate Spinner and I must say it is exactly what is happening to most Singaporeans today! Juggling with multiple sectors in our life – friends, family, work, play etc. In relation to the hectic schedule, how are we keeping God in sight. The book slowly unravels it for you and guides you along with real life stories from people. Its real and its happening. I acknowledge that I have some of the probs that were mentioned in the book – tired, not spending enough time with a particular group of people and neglecting important things in my life. Perhaps,  I need to slowly revise my priorities and get things in order. In fact, I feel guilty about neglecting my friends whenever they ask me out on weekends.

Thank God for his abundant blessings. I have never expected to come so far in this journey and I pray for wisdom as I prepare for this Saturday’s pre-wed shoot. I have so many ideas that I wanna play with…cant contain my adrenaline rush!


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