Magical Forest.



A simple sunrise at Gardens by the bay. I have always envision this angle as a Jurassic Park style of shot. (My imagination can go wild) Anyway, this was the first time handling the Olympus EM10 and I am really please with the results. It is a small camera filled with so many surprises. Fortunately, I had a friend who specialises in the oly system and guided me for the morning. It was quite simple to pick up the basics to it as it behaves like a DSLR. As a disclaimer, I have not been approached by Olympus or any other party to write this review, nor have my equipment been sponsored. Each piece of equipment was paid in full by myself and used on my own business’ assignments. Rather than a typical systematic review, this is going to be a some-what structured free-flow of my thoughts on the OMD EM1.

As I have mentioned in my previous post that I am very particular about the handling of a camera. I dislike going into menu to change the settings on the camera. The EM10 has front and back dials to control – aperture and shutter just like my nikon. The back directional buttons can be customised for quick access to ISO, WB and focus. That is pretty much everything I need to be shooting on the fly. There is also a PASM dial at the side so not to worry.

The next thing that I am very particular about is the OVF/EVF. I just happened to belong to the group that loves to compose with viewfinder. Call me old fashion but I just like it. The EVF on the EM10 is extremely responsive and fast. The refresh rate is high and virtually it represents what you see is what you get. For bright conditions, the viewfinder becomes useful as you can still look through and compose at ease without the LCD going haywire.

The focusing of the EM10 is snappy and quick even under low light conditions, it performs really quick. I find it comparable to my d600. I am very impress with it. In fact, I find it faster than my d600.

That’s it…the EM10 has my heart for the time being till something uber awesome comes along.


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