The truth as a Photographer


I have been freelancing my services as a photographer on weekends and any available time that I could squeeze out on top of my normal 9-6 job. Everyone is always saying “no time” or “i am tired”. For me, I genuinely mean it and do not use those phrases as chit-chat topics. I’m committed to every project that comes along because every photo is a represents my belief and attitude and I must deliver to my highest quality.

Preparation before a photo shoot is a must for me. I will go to the locations that my clients have requested and just sit down for a couple of hours thinking about the lighting conditions, possible angles and possible difficulties. I like to be prepared so that any situation that is thrown at me during the shoot can be easily tackled without much delay. I have seen a photographer who tried to tackle one angle for an hour. And that one hour cost the client many other angles that they could have been done. The worse part of this was that the one angle didn’t out to be “WOW” kinda shot.

Answering questions that clients have regarding the shoot. Clients have a really long list of questions because of insecurity. I have to keep re-assuring them that everything will be alright blah blah. Like what a friend of mine said…if only this business can exclude client handling, it will be so much easier.

People always have this misconception of the glorified life a photographer leads. Trust me…you will not have the notion after you tag along with me for a shoot. Just imagine, holding on to 5kg of gear strapped to your shoulders and carrying a 8kg bag walking around for 10 hours. Have you ever shoot till your fingers and thumbs go numb? I have. Have you ever shoot till your eyes get so tired from looking through the viewfinder? I have. These are the real hard truths about being photographer. On top of this fatigue, you will have to maintain your creativity, enthusiasm and focus.

I hate it when people say “You so rich arr…so many lens”. That sentence shows how much you don’t understand me. Everything I have is what I built from blood and sweat from ground zero. I have no mentor in photography that guided me to this business. I accumulated my experience with every project I do. I started with a very humble setup and slowly saved up with money earned from each project to upgrade my gear. Along the way, I must admit God sent me some help with the Nikon 4. I have a personal belief that any purchases must be justified with a strong reason. My lens are purchased each with a specific goal in mind to create a specific image or to make execution easier. I mull and think for weeks before I purchase a lens or camera.

Processing is the most time consuming thing. I process all my photos. Yes! You heard me right! I am those freaks that look through every single photo. Just time for QC-ing, it takes me about 3 nights. Then I develop a set of processing for each lighting conditions. After everything is being QC-ed by me, I will export to JPEG. That’s when the last round of QC and minor edits occur again. I guess it is just something in me to control the quality of every image that I deliver. Because this is my work and it represents me. No sacrifice, no victory!!!

Just so tired…


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