The Nation Celebrates


Happy birthday Singapore! As the procession proceeded, I felt a pang of patriotism with the flags hoisted by the helicopters while the national anthem played. Everyone rose to their feet and started to sing. Indeed Singapore has come a long way and Im proud to be a Singaporean!

I reached Bay area and started walking from Merlion area trying to look for a place that would give this circular-effect-frame-like-feel angle. After an hour of walking, I finally found the spot and there was no one standing there except for 2 group of people chit chatting at the side. It was quite a stressful shoot as there was this pretty girl standing next to me and staring at what I was doing the whole time. Fireworks can get your heart pumping and I gotta act nonchalant about it. Anyway, I did some base shots and this uncle started to stare at my LCD screen. I turned around and he kinda gave me a wink of acknowledgement that said “I know what you doing boy“. There is just one problem with this angle – lights are turned off during the fireworks. This poses a huge problem for getting the foreground to be well-lit. Fortunately for me, I did a base shot during the blue hour. FYI, I mentioned this blue hour issue last year in one of my post ( I dislike blue hour based fireworks as it seems rather fake. The circumstances forced me to use it as base.

Pretty much standard execution of base shot – 3 shots blended at different exposure. Just a few points to note – glaring light causing the exposure to be wrong. The highlights recovery in post. And trying to make it as symmetrical as possible. The fireworks was as usual style of shooting = blip > fire > release technique which I mentioned in my previous post (

This is a composite shot made of 3 big burst, 2 small base burst and 2 base shots. It was a 3 hour affair putting everything together. I decided against de-smoking the shot as it felt artificial without smoke.

be back soon to write more…


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