Fountain of Wealth


It took me quite a few hours to correct some of the nifty gritty details to make it as symmetrical as possible. The shot wasn’t shot dead centre if not it will be much easier and better during post. I will definitely return to finish this shot. Just returned Boaz the fisheye so the next time it will be a full stitching shot. A side not about the lens…it is just really fun! A thing to note is the fisheye fatigue that could occur due to over usage of the lens.

After a disappointing firework shoot, I decided to get some food to make up for the dismal. I happened to walk past the fountain and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Took out my camera and started to whack. It was quite difficult with my stomach growling and the shot being so tight.

My head is now swarmed with thoughts of light and people. Just can’t seem to get these ideas out. Really hope to slowly build it up and see if my ideas are right.

Equipment: D600 & 8mm Samyang FE.

Total of 3 shots blended and overlay – ISO 100, f5.6/11 and 6s.


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