Took this a few months back during earth hour so some of the buildings’ lights are off. Earth hour is day when offices and buildings around the world coordinate to switch electricity. I thought it would be interesting to be in the city to capture the skyline differently. With the lights switched off, it is still uber bright!

Work is taking a toll on me and I have limited time to go after landscapes and cityscapes. And my hard drive is running of space! I feel so lazy to go the mall and get a new one.

I really like “me” time with my camera. I don’t have to think about other people’s opinions nor listen to anyone whine. Just listen to the voice in my head to go after the image I want. It is always a joy to have some time to just sit there with my camera and click away. Or even just sit somewhere quietly and listen to the hustle and bustle of the city. I really miss such moments and really need to get back to being quiet…

Settings: ISO 100, f8, 30s
Equipment – D600 + 14mm
Accessories – Sirui N1004
Place – Arts Science Musuem


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