Dont lose sight

Right after BSF, C told me that I had a very interesting blog and to keep updating it! It was a reminder for me to start typing content onto these blogs and more importantly spread the love for photography and christianity to more.

Ending work late daily at 9pm just makes a person very tired and lazy. Whenever I get home, I will head straight to bath and thereafter watch my fav sitcoms to get a laugh and relax myself. Work is really crazy for me now as it is my company’s peak period. To top this up, more photography assignments are coming in. Any spare time I have for relaxing is used up to edit and process photos.

Recently, a friend of mine reminded me not to lose sight of what I have in mind. Her words came at the right time as I struggle with some major decisions in my life. I must keep having the end in mind as this will affect the whole process of building everything. I must not lose sight of my initial decisions and intentions. Right now, I am praying very hard to God for a way. A way out of this whole mess and decisions. I really wish that God can just make the decision for me so that I do not need to go through this whole process of deliberation and post-revelation which naturally involves ups and downs of emotions.

I just want to take this time and thank God for BSF, AG16 and church. The 3 things that anchor me back to Christ. The 3 constant reminders in my life to keep walking this Christian path and not to deviate. I met up with Ps Dev recently and he started sharing with me experiences of forming groups of christian brothers to be good reminders for each other. That stirred me to question myself…God is there someone that you would send in my life to be that bro? Perhaps I am meant to walk this path alone…




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