2 lives

I been so busy leading 2 different life – my normal work life and my passionate work life. My normal work life is the one that pays the bills, loans and my everyday expenses. My passionate work life is photography. I am still trying my best to work out how to balance these as i noticed that whenever I get a shoot, I lose 1 week of my life.

Passionate work life – Usually people dont get to see this portion of me as the clients only see the end result. My usual practice is to Google like crazy for months leading up to the shoot and assimilate myself thoroughly with the feel of a particular shoot. Furthermore, I try to build repository of shot list, a sort of photographic palace. I really enjoy this process as this is the pre-visualisation stage to all my work. Every photo must be taken with the end result in mind. If you cant visualise it, trust me usually it doesn’t turn out well. I am taking photos everywhere I go even without a camera. My eyes will just click and ta da an image is more less formed in my head.  People will call me crazy but that is the thought process that I usually put into creating an image.

Usually after a shoot, I lose about a week of my life. Huh?! What happens is that I will go into lightroom and photoshop and start to work on developing a set of new workflow. Every client gets a new set of workflow,  every shoot represents different feeling, every set is determined uniquely by me – the contrast, colors, fading, crops, softness, skin tones, retouching etc. No set of photos are developed the same. I dont believe in standardising or using presets to develop photos. It just makes a photographer lazy. When I get into crazy mode, 1 photo should take about 3-4 hours. So far I developed 4 Goderic’s preset however it cant be automated as there are too many factors in the layer masking and that will pose a serious issue. The 4 are my very own glam dark, b&w, faded any color and oaky summer.  I name it oaky summer cause its focus is on 2 tier toning – orange and brown. Totally love this new one. I am now working on the 5th one titled “White” to be used in my next shoot. I got no idea how to teach anyone, any of these self-developed presets as there are tons and tons of layering and specific masking.

Looking forward to the upcoming grad, family and wedding shoots!!! I am so excited to see what new photos I can develop from these! Thank God for sending these projects and always giving me the timely inspiration. God your blessing is abundant and I rejoice in your blessing from time to time. I will give you the glory and dedicate every single image to you.




2 thoughts on “2 lives

  1. I have alot in common with what you say, but I disagree with one thing. A lot of photos turn out well for me, even when they aren’t planned or pre-visualized. But I do need to do more planning, that’s for sure.

    1. Definitely photos can turn out well without being planned which is the fun of photography. Spontaneous emotions or even the special moment, no amount of planning will be useful and that falls under the jurisdiction of “feeling”.

      But when it comes to a paid shoot when standard delivery is concerned, planning becomes critical and I will always plan in advance, scout, recce the place, get the lighting sorted and just visualise my subject being in framed. The entrance of the bride, speech, throwing of bouquet, decorations, vowels etc etc. I will just put it in a more quantifiable estimate that 70% is planned and 30% is spontaneous which falls out of my control.

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