Taking Off!


An adventure trip to cambodia with some classmates. The shot was taken through a small window during sunrise. Photography in a foreign country can be very interesting as everything is foreign to you. Everything seems like a new potential for new angle.

The trip was four days – 2 days in Phnom Penh and 2 days in Siem Reap. according to our driver, Cambodia has a rich culture embedded in Buddhism and Hinduism. Interestingly that same culture also led many Kings to build majestic temples which we term collectively as the Angkor Wat. It was perhaps the most beautiful and intricate thing I saw in Cambodia as the builders took to great lengths to create such beautiful carvings and work.

What I find very interesting was that each temple is accompanied with a story behind it. For instance, the ruin-ed temple was built by a King for the mother but was left to its own after everyone vacated and trees rooted itself all over the temple with the end result being a temple of ruins. This temple is also commonly refer the “Angelina Jolie – Tomb Raider” temple as the movie was filmed there. This is just one story to the temples, there are plenty of history in each temple and how they were built, by which King and for what reason. All of these are so interesting facts and knowledge which I read in a book picked up on the 3rd day in the hotel which I stayed.

Rather than focusing my brain into taking photos, I decided to dedicate part of my attention to experience the culture. I wanted to feel how the country is like, what the people eat, the language, their norms and practices.

History has always been my favorite subject back in secondary school. Personally I find that history is not a prediction of the future but a place of learning how to avoid mistakes that people have committed in the past. Therefore, this trip to Cambodia is really eye opening as I learnt and experienced bits and pieces of the Cambodian culture.

I will post more photos soon once everything is transferred to my hard drive.

Settings: ISO 100, f5.6, 1/400s
Equipment – NEX 6 + 16-50
Accessories – Nil
Place – On the plane


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