Poetry In Motion.


I was getting to my sunset location when I walked past by this place. It was a crazy scene with kids running around madly, water spraying all over the place and loud pop music playing in the background. I couldn’t resist the golden light from the sunset which streamed in and filled the area beautifully. I started to think how to best compose a shot and whack in a few shots for tester. After I gotten the settings sorted out where I decided to settle for -0.3ev with a relatively high shutter so as to freeze the motion of the kids running. Furthermore, I needed to shoot at small aperture in order to get the details of the water in mid air. After I adjusted my camera to how I wanted, I pre-visualised and began to wait for the shot. In my mind, I had a vision where I wanted the running silhouette of a child to be isolated against the busy back ground and golden sunset. After 15mins of waiting, the shot came into play right in front of me and that was how I ended with the posted photo.

As I have mentioned previously, I started on a quest since I gotten my Nex 6 about 3 weeks ago to break the norms and go back to basics of photography. I wanted to ignore things like sharpness, noise, lens and just purely focus on composition. Everywhere I go, I carried the Nex 6 as it was light and portable. It became an extension to how I wanted things to be framed and it is a great camera that exceeds my expectations. A review will be written for Nex 6 once I return from Cambodia.

Settings: ISO 100, f8, 1/250s
Equipment – NEX 6 + 16-50
Accessories – Nil
Place – Gardens by the bay


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