Walking Past


My schedule is totally packed and I am feeling very tired. Mixing work and photography is not a good combination as it really wears a person down when you are getting lots of photography projects. Sometimes, I do think whether God has intended this for my path ahead. I really enjoy clicking away on my camera and have never seen it as a job when I am hired but more of a responsibility to capture the shots.

Slowly, the scene in Singapore is dulling my insatiable appetite to create new photos. A fella photographer once told…you either be a leader or a follower. Indeed, what he says is true and I struggle from day to day to be original and try to break away from the norm. This is one of my attempts (still have a couple more photos stored in my hard drive waiting for me to process) as I embark on my own personal journey of exploration to break away from the societal norms.

Initially, Simon planned for sunrise at a private location but the door to the place was locked and we couldn’t access it. But I wanted to shoot at ground level because I thought it might be something new as I tried the other angle before. Anyway, we split up and I was left alone on ground level to capture the sunrise that was coming up. I whacked in a few shots, pano, long exposure and blah blah and upon reviewing the shots felt the photos were bland and typical. So I quickly kept my tripod and went on a search for new possible angles for sunrise. The sky was beautiful and lighted up with a few colors and I manage to get a few shots of those near the Padang. I was walking around and ta-da right in front of me was the sun and very strong shadows. I pre-visualised my shot and began to wait for the photo to be “completed”. I took the shot without the man walking past and it felt empty. After 5 minutes of waiting, finally MY MAN has arrived!!! I adjusted my camera to shutter priority such that I would be able to get a clear image of the motion with no blur, underexposed for the shadows and golden colors.

I am just so so so so so tired…really gonna pray for ample rest and good time management.

Settings: ISO 100, f8, 1/320s
Equipment – NEX 6 + 16-50
Accessories – Nil
Place – The Padang


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