I love weddings!

I love church weddings ever since I first attended Ale’s wedding last year. I attended a few other church wedding before I got into photography and only appreciated the whole ceremony. Looking at a wedding from a photographer’s point of view is entirely different. Because a wedding provides numerous great compositions and moments.

When Rachel first asked me to help with the wedding photos, I accepted it despite having little/no experience in it. I prayed over the course of the few months leading to it. Nearing the wedding dates, I was totally stressed out by it as I really didn’t want to miss any shots or great moments for the couple.

To prepare myself for it, I took up more event projects as a photographer and started to aim my camera at humans more often. To be honest, God was with me every step of this process of learning. He provided me the opportunities w numerous events companies and at church. These events all added up as experience for me to capture moments. Slowly, I started to be able to set my camera quickly for a particular shot, focus quickly and more importantly get myself into the right position for the shot. All of these small bits and pieces of training added up to the bigger test.

To be honest, in the world of photography, there are always photos that look stunning and received numerous accolades. I decided to put myself through a study campaign over the course of few months to analyse these photos. I researched extensively for wedding photographers and their respective portfolio. I started to noticed patterns, framing, positioning and moments. I stored all of these into a memory palace which I will access when I needed it during the wedding.

In retrospect, I am really glad that they trusted me and thank God for giving me the strength to carry it through. Their trust really means a lot to me, it means getting everything right for them despite them continuously telling me to chillax. To be part of this special moment for Rach and John is really an honor for me. I am only disappointed in myself for falling sick which affected Sunday’s lunch shoot. You just cannot imagine my frustration as I sat there struggling to fight the urge to shoot. I saw so many angles and possible compositions that I really want to execute but decide to take a back seat and let Sean shoot as the main.

A piece of good news that came out of shooting this wedding was that I received a handful requests from people to be their photographer. I am truly overwhelmed by God’s continuos blessings upon me.

P.S: I will post the photos here soon once they are ready!


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