Cobalt Skies


“Why are you standing so far back?” asked Simon. I told him my lens wasnt wide enough he thought I was joking and when he checked it, he laughed at me! That’s him in the foreground for this photo. Anyway, we tio pangseh by Ric and Boaz again so not much surprise there. Fortunately, Simon could make it for sunrise and I had a bro bro. It was a beautiful sunrise and was the best that we most probably had after so many weeks of disappointments.

Photography is similar to math. I will try to explain my thought process when executing and the thought process when finishing up the photo. Firstly, consider this photo to have 4 elements – the sky, the dome, the water and the rocks. Each of these elements will require different exposure to get the right details and preserve the highlights as much as possible. My train of thoughts is that the sky will need to be underexposed, the rocks will need to overexposed, the water will need to be long exposure and the dome to be sharp. Just execute as per planned and then think abt the rest during post.

During post, I rmb I adjusted my AWB to 6k preset in order to gain blue channel pixel. Using very specific and tedious color correction, I manage to correct the rocks and dome to near proper color. Then followed by darkening the shadows and lightening the highlights. You will most probably be asking yourself why the counter intuitive steps? Shouldn’t one be exposing for shadows, recovering highlights and gain as much color? To be honest, its just me. I love it when a shot is imperfect. Imperfections make a shot look better, natural and perfect which is the irony. A perfect shot with everything spot on is just so flat and dull. Its harder to get something wrong and maintain the natural side to it. It takes a lot of judgement and testing. Finally, very selective sharpening was applied as I noticed the gains in midtones from sharpening is causing unwanted artifacts.

And that my friends is my thought process. Hope it helps!

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 2s, 4s, 6s & 60s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – Sirui N1004 + G20
Place – Somewhere near flyer


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