Judah and Tamar

Every Sunday, I will always make it a point to listen to the sermon and take back something for reflection. I really enjoy the sermon as it was humourous and more importantly hitting the right spot. The first time I learnt of this story was during BSF – Genesis 38. And the first question I had was “Why did God include this passage that seems rather irrelevant?” If you look at the flow in Genesis, this passage will appear out of place.

I will just give a brief summary of the story –
Tamar’s first husband was struck down by God cause he was evil.
The husband’s brother is required by law to take over and help carry on the line but he had no intentions of doing and was also struck down by God.
Judah had no intentions of giving Tamar to the 3rd son despite the arrangements.
Tamar takes things into her own hands and pretended to be a prostitute and slept with Judah.

The key point about the story is the conclusions that we can gain from their actions.
1) No one escapes the responsibility for their actions
2) No one is too unlikely for God’s purposes
3) No one is beyond God’s salvation

Shall continue finish this write up on another day…


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