Get it right

I was chatting with Eugene on Sunday and he made a strong statement that is still swimming in my head – “Get it right with God and everything will be right.”

He has reminded me of something really important that I forgotten in the midst of my hectic schedule. I have been relying hugely on myself in resolving the issues around me. From now, I will definitely remember to seek Him more often. I have modified my daily routine slightly to see that I spend more time with God.

Thank God that Eugene is feeling better. Thank God that A.Mad and family came back safely and had a great time. Thank God for everything that He has given to me every single day.

Like the sun that rises everyday,
You are so faithful. Lord, You are faithful.
Like the rain that You send,
And every breath that I breathe,
You are so faithful, Lord

I have been struggling to pen down my new year resolutions because everything felt so selfish. I finally got down to it and only have 1 resolution for 2014 – I want to get it right with God.


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