Draining Line


After a couple of weeks MIA from the cityscape arena, I am finally motivated to get out there to get the shot. The intended shot was far much complicated but the rain came down and spoilt the whole evening photo walk. It was pretty hilarious for Ric cause he brought his gear out on the same day and didn’t shoot at all. Anyway, Ric gave me the I-wanna-punch-you-face after I told him the title of this photo.

These 2 weeks has been tremendously busy for me – at work, church and also photography. More projects and photoshoots are piling up such as event shoots, wedding, baby shoot, church projects and the list goes on. I am actually pretty psych and excited about all these upcoming stuff. I really hope I won’t screw up.

In anticipation of all these events, I pulled the trigger and bought the d600 to compliment my current prime arsenal. I must say…its super awesome camera!!! I haven’t taken it out for landscaping yet but so far my observations for the files under bad lighting conditions are really really crisp. Major jump from DX quality. Furthermore, I finally can use my 85 as an 85mm and it is the best lens ever. I am just so pleased with my overall purchase. I must thank Nikon 4 for helping out – support, cash flow and advice. If not for them, I might just be stuck in resolving the whole noisy smudgy issue. Starting from now, I will be able to deliver even higher quality photos. The problem with FX camera isn’t its body but the lens. The lens presents the major issue for me now as I still don’t have anything moderate range within my budget. My whole arsenal has depleted drastically overnight after I posted my DX items on clubsnap for sale. Right now, left with 85mm, 50mm, 70-300 VR. I need a 24-70!!!

As how Yuan He Ling has put it – I talk to you guys more oft than to my ZB. The Nikon 3.01-0.999999 is made of 4-1 really amazing people. I cant believe that the 4 of us grew so close to each other within such a short period of time. And we really talk to each other every single day! Haha!

Now coming back to church, I have been placed in church of YAM church photowalk. And also unknowingly took up a portraiture project for the Sunday school teachers. It is also church which got me hooked into human emotion photography. I like the element of unknown and always different feeling of each shot especially when people are behaving naturally. To be honest, human and architecture photography uses completely different techniques.

I am so tired…

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 6s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – N1004 + G20
Location – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple @ Chinatown


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