When I first step into Zion Bishan, I had no plans to meet anyone and just wanted to have a feel of the church. While I was walking down the stairs after the service, Chloe saw me and told A.Mad about it so I went over and find her to catch up. Anyway, A.Mad is my fake aunt and I have known her since young. She has taught me in Sunday school since I was 8/9. All the years back when we were in church, we never really interacted because we take the cosy relationship within GPL for granted. It was only recently that I started to know more about Mad and started sharing more. She is a really cool fake aunt to have as she is ever so demanding and sometimes she gives me these photo missions. The most recent photo mission is the hardest – emotions.

A.Mad recently released a book titled “Mad About God” and it is a book of poems regarding her long season of pain and how God supports her through the whole journey. She has also pledged the revenue collected from the book sales to Zion Bishan rebuilding fund.

A poem to share that would be apt to start 2014:

Most Gratefully

You knitted and shaped me;
Most beautifully.
In my mom’s precious womb;
Most wonderfully.

You created and ordered the world;
Most perfectly.
To show Your mighty handiworks;
Most bountifully.

You predestined and chose me;
Most lovingly.
From all of Your creations;
Most sovereignly.

You protect and preserve me;
Most intimately.
Despite my willful rebellion;
Most stubbornly.

You carved out my name;
Most significantly.
Upon the palm of Your hand;
Most marvelously.

You shower grace and mercy;
Most abundantly.
I’m full of love and praise for You;
Most gratefully.


You are welcome to contact me via email or private message if you will be interested to know more about the book.


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