It was a terrible afternoon and the rain was pouring heavily. Despite that, I brought my tripod and camera out risking that the weather would change for the better. Coincidentally, I also went up to Simon’s place to borrow D7100 for trial. Anyway, a big shout out to Simon for being always so generous and magnanimous whenever it comes to camera stuff. He even help me pay for a lens in advance. I just wished that I had known him earlier and had more opportunities to take photos with him.

Right after church, I rushed for the angle that I wanted. And Gary responded that he also want join in the shoot. So I met up Gary over at GBTB-East for this particular angle. As the public transport to this place takes a long time which cost me the golden sunset burn upon the CBD. It was during blue hour already and both of us wanted to be mobile to see if more angles could be achieved. It was a funny moment when Gary and I discovered this angle because we were like “eh, the flyer is perpendicular to us. pretty cool!” We quickly set up and snap a few shots.

A few things to note about this composition is that I personally do not like it. But I only posted it because of 2 reasons – The perpendicular flyer and the good blue light. Given another choice, I would love get a more balance shot as the spatial tightness is tended towards the right side of the image. Sometimes, spatial tightness might work when it is bias towards a side of the image but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. This is one example where it doesn’t work out. Note to self: Once my Panosaurus setup is achieved (next monday), I will definitely return for vengeance. Muahaha!

Work has been really really really tiring. Everyday I am reaching home late and right after my shower and late dinner, I will usually knock out. And the cycle goes on. I guess work itself is pretty fun and enjoyable but it is the people that makes it hard. A lot of times, I find myself in a situation where I lack knowledge on a particular subject and is asked to get into the midst of it with completely no prior briefing. That to me is the most tiring part…

I am super excited about church this Sunday as we are going to kick off my photography project! I am just feeling so ….full of energy thinking about this project and the endless possibilities I can create through it. I just hope God will bless all us and give us wisdom along the way.

I wish everyone a great weekend ahead and till my next posting!

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 5s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – N1004 + G20
Place – Gardens by the Bay (EAST). This was taken near the waters which is just off the running path.


8 thoughts on “Perpendicular

  1. Goderic, this shot is beautiful! I know bananas about the technicalities of photography, but I do like this photo 😀 Aaaand the flyer looks a Tokyo/ Eiffel tower. Pretty neat!

    1. Thanks Cheesetofu! Glad you like it! I finally figured out who you are after figuring out how to use wordpress… Tokyo is one great place for skyscrapers and cityscape – it is on my checklist for must go places!

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