I am late for my weekly dose of photo posting because my Mac recently got into an accident and I had to send it in for diagnosis. Anyway, good news is that it is back but the stupid coffee stains are still in it. Therefore, I will open it up next week to clean it up internally before the coffee starts to corrode the system.

Photographers are the most punctual people because we dont like to be late as being late will cost us a sunrise and all our efforts of waking up early will be down the drain. I met up with JK and Simon who were on time but this season’s sunrise is unusually earlier. So we were actually late for it despite reaching out location at 620am. This place was hard to deploy tripod as the area was really small and only 2 photographers were allowed to shoot. You will see that my shot isn’t completely straight because of the limited space I had. Anyway, this was the only good keeper shot because it had the blue hour + the orangy sunrise color I wanted. I love twilight moments during sunrise because it presents the most beautiful blend of colors.

This shot was super tedious during post process because of the HDB that is in the distance and I had to do several layers of manual blending to get the proper exposure for the sky. Furthermore, matters were made worse by the positioning of the shot which I blame on myself. I will definitely return for this shot so that I could get the perfect and straight leading line I imagined in my head.

I kinda enjoy shooting sunrise/set these few weeks because I have a few crazy friends who are joining me in my passion. In the past, I use to shoot alone and it was great because I can just do what I want without worrying. I realise that shooting with friends provides me the motivation to wake up and get the photos. It spurs me to be better and to think out of the box.

Just really thankful to God so far for his numerous blessings. Blessings at work, church and life. Recently, I been meeting people every week especially photographers. I really like talking to people so don’t hesitate to chat me up if you see me on the street. Furthermore, church is going great because AG is just superb. Learning of Zechariah recently made me realise alot more about God’s intentions and planning for his people. Work is fun and my colleagues are great people who are just humourous. The office humour we get when we are stress is a definite relieve.

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 30s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – N1004 + G20
Place – Bishan


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