Lets start working!

Thank God for letting me find a job and the environment being nice. I can’t ask for much since God had already provided me more than enough! I am actually quite happy with the projects that I have been tasked despite feeling abit overloaded. 3 projects in a span of 2 days and I have to step out of my boundary and learn InDesign to assist the in-house designers. Nonetheless, time flies when you are busy and I can finally keep my brain occupied. I am also thankful that my colleagues are quite nice people and all around my age. So it was pretty easy to get along with them and have some common topics to chat about.

I am only sad about one thing…I CANT TAKE PHOTOS as often as I did previously. In fact, I planned for a sunrise shoot tomorrow but due to last minute workload, I had to bring home my laptop and do work. I am still thinking whether I should risk the weight and just bring my camera to work.

After starting work, I found out that some of the interns were feeling exactly how I felt the last few months when I was out of job. I hope that these people will be able to find peace and land something decent! Life is really tough in Singapore because of the govt policies against the locals. Some people (minority) will say “I am good so I don’t need to worry about such competition.” To be honest, you analyze the current situation and you will know that the locals are horribly sandwiched. The foreign workers coming in are undercutting the salary by alot just for the sake of obtaining the PR status. That’s the lower half of the sandwich being sliced. Then the upper management where there is this mentality that Singaporeans can never be able to hold high management positions. And that for you is the upper sandwich being sliced. The locals are left with the middle portion which are further being competed amongst ourselves. I really wonder how to find a job in future if this situation and policy isn’t contain.

I will try to get some old raw files to work on and upload something decent for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Lets start working!

  1. I am so glad for you that you have found a job to your liking and in accord with your beliefs. Putting your trust in the Lord is never in vain; we sometimes have to be patient. After you have settled in into your new job I am sure you will find the time to pursue your photography passion. Good luck and keep blogging.

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