I am still in the dry spell period of finding a job and it is affecting other sectors of my life. I did invest some time into sending out applications, cover letters and doing up my resume but all of these seems to be producing fewer/nil results than I expected. I guess patience is what I really need now more than ever. I am running out of patience. So? What is the core reason for being impatience? It boils to myself being afraid of the unknown consequences of being broke. I really do not want to end up working at a restaurant as a service crew after struggling so hard for my degree. Neither do I want to end up working some place where I know ends up nowhere just for the sake of survival. Survival does make people do crazy stuff…

While I was walking to buy my breakfast, I started to think about how to resolve the current issues at hand – job and God. I actually took a longer route to the market so that I can have more time to walk and think. I realized that I am not spending my time right. All these free time that I have, maybe I should just talk to God more often and spend more quality time with Him like reading the bible more.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking a lot about selling away my beloved camera gear. I will be so upset because I know it is might be hard to get back these lens that are so sharp. And a great Nikon body. I am just so torn now…

God, help me to think clearly more than ever…just give me a way out of all these mess…


2 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Hey, just a thought: why not look at doing some part-time job while trying your hand at securing a full-time permanent one? At least you get some cash coming in; and I think there should be a lot of part-time jobs out there in the market, especially with the year end coming.

    Meanwhile, keep blogging, and great photos!

    1. That is a good suggestion! Thanks dude! I shall go apply some part time stuff. Anyway, not to go all political or whatsoever, the job market (60-70%) is against Singaporeans. I been actively seeking for jobs for the 2-3months and is quite sick and tired of this trend.

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