Ang Mo Kio


I seldom do panno shots as I am terribly lazy to go stitch it up. I finally got down to stitching it today and this is the end result. I am currently exploring the AMK scene as there are quite a handful of vantage points all around the area. I strongly urge all photographers that are staying in other areas to go hunt down such high vantage points. This would be an interesting project for the time being to keep my mind occupied. So far I have found about 5-6 vantage points and I am still trying to find more. I guess this is the fun part of photography…the exploration part where we are constantly seeking new angles, vantage points or things to frame. The uncertainty is just so …exciting!

I will now try to explain how to take and process the shot.

Taking the shot:
Position the camera in the vertical position. Make sure it is level properly and there is no tilt if not all the buildings will go haywire. For Pano, I am abit Kiasu so I will have about 50% overlap. Some people recommend 30% and I think that will work as well. One very important thing is to shoot in manual mode so that the exposure throughout the scene is same. Another thing that I do is shoot in specific AWB rather than Auto. I realise that my camera is abit crazy and sometimes changes the AWB due to the scene.

Processing the shot:
Personally I find this the harder part because it takes more time. I seldom Pano because my mac becomes really slow when I stitch and it is irritating.
1) Make all the global adjustments (contrast, exposure etc), lens correction and sharpening
2) Sync the same settings to all the rest of the 3 shots
3) Select all 4 then there -> Edit in -> Pano option of CS6
4) Auto stitch and go lim kopi while waiting for your computer to do the work
5) Crop the necessary area that you need
6) Sharpen again and save for web

Settings: ISO 100, f8, 30s (4 shots)
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – N1004 + G20
Place – AMK. I can’t remember the block but know that it near Bishan area.


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