Back when I was in sch, a prof once said to me “Knowledge is power!” It was the prof favorite phrase and he kept repeating it throughout the semester. I adopted this shot right after I saw my friend’s award winning piece got displayed.

Recently, a community on Google+ has banned me from sharing my photos on the premise that I do not watermark my photo. A few thoughts on watermark and this seems to be a good avenue for me to explain my reasons.
1) We are here to enjoy the photo/scene that was taken…In reality was your watermark floating somewhere on the water, pasted on the wall or anything? We have a duty to show what was seen as accurately as possible. How about the following as an example. Recently, I have been to a National Geographic exhibition and no water mark. You are spoiling your beautiful photo with a watermark.

2) Fame is artificial. To me it is just another excuse for people to seek after glory, fame and power. What I seek after for my photos is acknowledgement of God’s wonderful creations in the world and showing people the scene that I think is beautiful.

Personally, I think watermarks are relevant if it is a business transaction especially in stock photography. But when it comes to everyday post that is for fun and what not…I think watermark is redundant. I have seen too many examples of watermarks that spoils the photo, be it the font being ugly or the positioning being bad or just the watermark itself stealing attention from the photo.

Settings: ISO 400, f8, 1/50s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Place – Somewhere in Singapore


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