I haven’t been posting as frequently as compared to last time due to my intensive studying of photographers and their work. I have been immersing myself in watching Youtubes and observing their work. I won’t say I am trying to emulate but more of trying to get inspiration and direction. I must say the “Street Photography” has a very strong allure due to the difficulty and humour in it. I really like those photographs that are absurd and different. It is getting boring for me to reproduce what everyone else has been doing already. It feels like being a copycat. For a start into photography, I would say it would be wise to initially copy and emulate some good photos that you see. Slowly but surely, one must definitely move away from this copying habit and start to think independently.

My top 3 to pursue areas in photography for the coming year:
-Architecture (B&W)
-Street (B&W)

I think Street Photography poses a serious compositional challenge for me. I have actually taken my DSLR out to try and it is very tough. I believe this area of photography will strengthen any photographer’s ability to compose in any situation. I need to clear the air when I talk about “Street Photography” as I am getting pissed by those amateurs who pose random shots taken in the street with absolutely no meaning, no composition and just pure randomness and then term it “Street Photography”. It degrades the term and the art of street photography. If you actually spend the time and effort to study the photos being created in the community, you will start to understand street photography isn’t photos of the street. Moreover, the essence behind street photography is un-staged not random and pre-visualization not random. What I hate the most is people who take advantage of the beggars and poor in the street and start to take their photos then post it online. I believe due respect must be given to these people who are already in this obviously bad situation already. Gaining these sympathy points don’t make you an awesome photographer. I can rant on and on about street photography which I will in future. The next person I see who degrades the term…I’m so gonna…

Going back to the shot, it is a simple long exposure sunset shot. I had scouted the building a week ago to check the composition and height. The only thing difficult about the shot is the setup portion where the tripod needs to be position over the railings in order to capture the whole scene properly.

I am also starting to find some new irritants in my life. I don’t like it when people like their own post unless it is an actual photo of themselves. Why do people even do that man cause it is just so weird. And also people who tag me when I don’t know them or not even involved in any way.

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 272s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – Sirui N1004 + G20
Place – Opposite Bishan Park. The foreground is Bishan Park

P.S: X10 looks so beautiful


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