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Building Blocks

I am kinda slowly shifting my focus towards Cityscapes reason being that I realise that I truly like architecture and the way skylines forms up into a beautiful image. The best asset of Singapore is the urban skylines that we have nearly at every neighbourhood. The only hard part is to find the high vantage point to take the shot. It took me nearly 2-3 hour of scouting + trial and error to get this eventual angle. I was walking around AMK estate and up/down HDB buildings just to experiment with the heights. It was really tiring but totally worth it because I have found additional of 5 angles for Sunset/Sunrise shots that would be really refreshing unforeseen angles.

I made a few mistakes for this shot. The most critical mistake is that I shot at 11mm for this shot. I regretted this decision because a 24-35mm would have made a much much better shot. I will definitely be back for my “revenge”. 2nd mistake was that I shot this slightly after blue hour thus there was a bit of purple/orange glow in the skyline still. Anyway, a important thing about photography is that there is no such thing as the perfect shot. There is always something or somewhere to work on for a photo. It is just up to ourselves to improve it. I am constantly seeking for improvements for my photos because I know that there are still a lot to push.

Thought process for this shot was pretty much the same as before. As usual my main concerns for cityscape photography is the highlights. So I took care of that area first before moving on to other things to work on.

Settings: ISO 100, f11, 30s
Equipment ā€“ Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories ā€“ Sirui N1004 + G20

P.S: Just found out that listening to music while processing photos makes me “high”.


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