Buddha Tooth Relic

Buddha Tooth Relic

After a very tiring night, I was actually walking back to the MRT. I couldn’t resist it when I walked past the temple. So I started to climb the HDB building nearest to it to look for vantage points. After several attempts of reducing/climbing down the stairs, I finally got the angle I wanted.

Recently, I have been doing more cityscapes/architecture photography than landscape. I really enjoy Cityscapes than anything else at this point of time. It is so troublesome to go landscaping where I need to watch out for strong waves, wash my tripod ….blah blah blah. And also I realize that for Cityscapes, I don’t need to run here and there just for catching the time. Maybe for Blue hour, I might need to run but essentially Cityscapes look good against a black background somehow. The black brings out the colors and lights of the buildings even more. (This is just a personal preference) Basically, at anytime you do Cityscapes, as long as it is clean and neat, it brings about a pretty nice feeling.

Secondly, I am now on this personal project to bring out the best in Singapore’s cityscapes. I am really inspired by Daniel Cheong’s Cityscape work in Dubai which is really clean and neat. Afterall, SG best asset is our skyline and numerous buildings.

My main concern in this shot is the highlights being blown due to the long exposure of 30s. I kinda anticipated that the background skyline and the carpark on the right will have blown out highlights. Something that I could help with if I used PS to blend in another underexposed shot. Feeling rather lazy, so just adjusted everything in post with a single raw file.

Settings – ISO 100, f8, 30s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Accessories – Sirui R1004 + G20
Place – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The HDB is just directly in front of it.

After so much of Cityscapes, I realize I need a few more essential equipment. Adding on to my wish list, I need a Clamp and Pano Rail.


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