Photography 101 (Shutter Speed)

This is part 2 to the post that I written earlier back a few weeks. And it will be about shutter speed.

Shutter Speed: it is the amount of time the camera sensor is exposed to light or the amount of time the shutter is open. Basically think of it as allowing your sensor to gather light and the amount of time.

Fast vs Slow
Fast shutter speed will be like 1/1000, 1/4000 etc.
Slow shutter speed will be in the ranges of 1/10, 1s, 15s etc.

Different shutter speed is used in different scenarios for the photographer to create different effect. See image below for example regarding difference in shutter speed and the resulting effects.

Shutter Speed

*From left to right, we can see that the shutter speed is slowing down.

To keep things simple:
Use a fast shutter speed to capture action or freeze something in its motion.

Use a slow shutter speed to capture the “motion” of the object.

Amount of light in our surroundings also affects the resultant shutter speed. Under dim light conditions, our shutter speed is usually slowed down. Vice versa for bright conditions. Which is essential we know how to compensate this slow down with aperture and ISO settings.

One more important thing to note: Blurred images are usually due to the instability of our hands when the camera is using a slow shutter speed. To prevent this, usually, I will set my shutter speed range (tricky light situations) from 1/30-1/50. And go for multiple shot of 2-3. If you want to use a very slow shutter of say 15s to capture light trails of moving vehicles, you will need a tripod.

Take a look at the images I posted and the shutter speed. You will start to notice the difference between fast and slow shutter


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