I was out on mission given by my Aunt to take a photograph of something colorful. The church need a photo for the puzzle game for the Host Family event this coming Saturday. After the meeting, they chose my other photo which is why I could post this photo.

I realise that photographing something is not about putting the camera to your eye and clicking away. It is more of observing your surroundings first. And that is usually the first thing that I do when I get to a scene. I will scan and visualise my shot first before I get down to taking it. Anyway, I was really lucky when this child came along near the water fountain.

After a few minutes of observing him, his mom came up from behind and started talking to him. Telling him that she is observing him from behind and the mom actually gave me that look – “Please look after him”.

So I decided to talk to the boy…
Me: What’s your name?
Boy: Bo…bby (stutters)
Me: Do you like that? *points at the water spurts*
Bobby: Waa…ter! His eyes sparkle with amazement as he gazes at the water shooting upwards.

I truly miss my childhood days where everything is so carefree and nothing to worry about. In this troubled and hectic society, we look around us and we see people for money, success and power. I seem to be the last one in the race so far. I have no job, no money nor success. But I have something else…God. I trust that God will work something out for me somehow.

Recently, a job offer that I almost clinched was retracted at the very last minute. I was very disappointed. Somehow, I had to accept it and move on…I really don’t know just how long my mind can hold on anymore…

My prayer is that God will just hold me together, I no longer seek after fame nor money. Just a simple life…

Settings – ISO 800, f2.8, 1/15s
Equipment – Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16
Place – Clarke Quay water fountain


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