Mirror mirror on the…


My recent obsession with Cityscape is causing me to keep looking for angles on this particular genre. I will admit that Singapore might not be the best place to do landscape photography. But when it comes to Cityscape kinda shots…we really have it all. And the lights just come on very nicely at night which makes the night scene even more vibrant and dynamic.

Now I am at a crossroads where I need to slowly move my focus towards a particular genre in which I focus my photography upon…

Settings – ISO 100, f11, 1.3s
Equipment – Nikon D7000, Tamron 17-50
Accessories – Sirui R1004 + G20
Place – Outside Arts Science Museum


4 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the…

  1. Beautiful reflection!!!!

    I think you will find your photography focus shifts over time. I started out with theater photography (4 years), then did my own model photography (3 years), – and now I find I’m fascinated by flowers and landscapes. So just enjoy shooting what you are interested in and enjoy the process.

    – Michael

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