Curvy Night

Curvy Night

I saw this shot many months ago when I was at MBS for sunrise by myself. And had been planning to come back to tackle it. I had to ask 2 guys to move so that I could setup my tripod for this shot. I was feeling really sick, tired and hungry while I was taking this shot. Sick from flu and tired because I have been shooting since 5pm.

I had a rather interesting photowalk alone because I met my family without planning!

My thought process when I took the shot was rather simple and straightforward.
With a 20s exposure time, I knew the highlights will be blown. But I didn’t know to what extent. So upon reviewing it in my camera, “Tick” for processing. Base on mediocre 3 months of experience, I knew that the common problem with Cityscapes is highlights being blown. So I had that in mind and try keeping to the parameters while I was shooting.

Post processing for Cityscapes take on a different set of settings. There is no need for saturation of color. The focus is on “Highlights” and “Sharpening”. Basically, the common mistakes for most cityscapers is…Contrast. For cityscapes, decrease it. Likewise for highlights. And do not bump your clarity like it is free…just a bit will do.
1) Raw Editor – decrease contrast and highlights. Up the clarity by a bit bit.
2) Photoshop – Check the lens correction and then followed by Sharpening.
3) Tada
I find cityscape post processing to be very straightforward and simpler than landscapes.

Settings – ISO 100, f11, 20s
Equipment – Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm
Accessories – Sirui R1004 + G20
Place – Along MBS walking platform. Google “Bayfront link”


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