Raging Smoulder

Raging Smoulder

I was doing some long exposures AKA emo shots of a rock near the shore. It was a high tide day and the waves were very strong, each splashing heavily onto the rocks. I noticed the sky was turning pink and before I know it, the sky started to BURN!! I quickly discarded my last long exposure shot and grabbed my tripod. Before anyone know it, I was climbing up to “No Man’s Land” with 2 of my buddies behind me shouting “Oiiiiii!!!!”. It was a very hilarious and pressuring moment because I knew time was running against me. At the back of my head I knew I had 3 things to do – Change to UWA lens, get composition and get the lighting right.

The most important would be the composition as I know the lighting and UWA can be settled once I land in a few test shots. It was super hilarious scene for that 20mins if you were watching me from behind because my slippers were left on the walk somewhere behind, my bag was thrown somewhere behind also and I was running like a lunatic all around the place!

I adopted the “Fast-Shoot-&-Go” technique which I came up with after several landscape shoots. Basically this technique is to land in as many shots with as many compositions as possible. I landed in a total of nearly 60-70 shots with more than 7 different compositions which means I can still post another 6 more times. πŸ™‚
Fast-Shoot-&-Go involves…
1) Compose 1 shot with your iPhone* (i will explain why later)
2) Get some test shots and get the manual setting right first
3) Compose with your cam really quickly with the 3rds and horizon properly done
4) Land in +1EV, 0EV, -1EV, -2EV, -3EV shots for each composition

*Composing with your iPhone is the fastest and easiest way to test if a composition is good enough. And it is a good estimation when post processing so that your colors do not get over-saturated. FYI, I compared the colors for both shot side by side when I was post processing.

Post processing:
1) Press “Auto” in Raw Editor
2) Within Photoshop, increase exposure of foreground by about 0.5EV
3) Further Saturate the sky by about 10%
4) High Pass
Take note that the saturation will go off when you take the Saturation level more than 10% which I see alot of online shots were suffering from.

Settings – ISO 100, f8, 1/8s
Equipment – Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16
Place – Labrador Park

Additional tip: My preview button is set to off meaning I dont get to see any of my shots after I shoot it. ONLY for test shots then will I review it so that I can guage my exposure accordingly.


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