Rising Symphony

Rising Symphony

I love parallel style of shots and to some extent this shot greatly or nearly resembles if you were to exclude the left hand side of apartments. The water was smoothen out from the use of Haida !0 Stop ND filters which lengthen the exposure time to 120s. This is a single shot exposure with no blending of another shot which is why you can see the highlights blown off near the expressway.

I will explain my thought process when I was taking the shot. There are a total of three ways to take this shot as far as my knowledge in photography.
1st – Reflection type
2nd – Long exposure
3rd – Panorama
Reason why I didn’t choose 1 is because there was some dragonboats and speed boats disrupting the water so I couldn’t get a still shot.
Reason why I didn’t choose 3 is because I am lazy to stitch the shot.

Original metering was 1/10 shutter with f5.6. So a 10 stop will result in 100s of exposure time. I increased the exposure to 120s so that slightly more details can be obtained for the bridge. I expected that the highlights near the bridge would be blown out with such exposure time. But I was ready to forego it. Reviewing the Histogram, I knew it was a good shot and kinda made a “Tick” in my mind to process it when I got back home.

Post-processing was really simple for the shot.
1) “Auto” in the Raw Editor
2) Lens Correction
3) Then within Photoshop, I changed the exposure on the dark areas
4) Sharpen the image via High Pass filter.
5) TADA!!!

Settings – ISO 100, f5.6, 120s
Equipment – Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16 and Haida 10 Stop ND
Place – Bridge under ECP and behind Singapore Flyer

Additional Tip: You will notice some pictures have very extreme AWB changes so as to obtain certain color. A simple and fast manner to determine if a photo has been heavily processed, look at the white objects. Did the white objects lose their “whiteness”. Nowadays, I am trying to process the picture as near to what I have seen PERSONALLY.


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