Morning Torch

Morning Torch

I was yawning when I arrived at the scene and slowly setup my tripod. The moment the sky burnt, it took my breath away. I am still constantly amazed by God’s creation. Everyday is different and simply amazing.

This was done during the Haida demo day where I got to test the 10 Stop ND filter before I bought it. I must say I am very please with the ND filter till considering that I have done a comparison with B+W ND filters. Anyway, I will do a more detail review in the future. And also a discussion into using ND filters and their purpose.

Recently, I have been asked quite a number of times to explain how I took certain shots. I really couldn’t explain some stuff that goes on in my head when I take a picture. To clear things up, I’m not being snobbish or selfish by not explaining but just that I couldn’t put my thoughts in words. Which is why I have provided the information below to help people attempting to understand photography grasp the concept of light. To put it simply, photography is about light and understanding photography is equivalent to understanding light. I won’t go so far as to say I understand light but I will just say that I am constantly experimenting with light at every single shoot. To put this into a simple context – Sometimes, it is good to shoot as per your metering that is shown at 0EV. However, there are occasions that you need to shoot way at negative EV in order to attain some details of the sky. There are also occasions that you need to shoot positive EV to get details. Basically, there is no fix way to do things and I am constantly experimenting it myself.

Settings – ISO 100, f8, 15s
Equipment – Nikon D7000, Tamron 17-50mm and Haida 10 Stop ND Filter
Place – Marina Promenade which is in between One Fullerton and MBS. Nearest MRT is Raffles.


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