Capitaland Competition Display

My photo got selected by Capitaland to be on display at Ion. This is my first ever competition and I’m really quite excited about it! The interesting thing was that I submitted the photos 15 mins before the deadline.

Competition Email

The photo that got selected:

Quirky Frame
Building People

Two other photos that I submitted and was not selected…

Ark in the Blues
Ark in the Blues


In retrospect, I believe that the “Ark in the blues” could have been improved by reducing the WB to slightly non-bluish. And also maybe a landscape orientation could have been better. I believe that the “Miniaturised” idea is good but could definitely be worked on if there were more traffic. Anyway, both compositions would have been better if I had my tokina UWA to assist in a landscape orientation.

Surprisingly, I didn’t know that photo manipulation is allowed or else I would surely have PP-ed my shot a bit more or even plan in advance of that.


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