Volunteering for ADA

After I left my job in March, I started to have more time at home and nothing to do except hunting for a job. I was on Clubsnap’s forum one day and noticed an announcement looking for photographers to volunteer their time for a project with Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA). So I decided to email the person in charge to volunteer my time and thus begins my journey into volunteer work.

As ADA is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO), I’m unable to disclose the pictures that we have taken during the project. Basically the project, aims to use photography as a means to help the patients stimulate their memory and think of the past or even capture the current memory for them. My role as a volunteer would be to be to teach photography to these elderly and guide them along. I wouldn’t say that I teach photography because during the project, it was more of an interaction these elderly were looking for rather than a complicated lesson. Being skilled in dialects like Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and FuChow, I was able to communicate effectively with all the patients.

These patients have alzheimer – memory loss issues. They might be able to remember you today but the next week they might forget you. It can be a daunting and depressing situation but just imagine the family and love ones who are involved. My temporal frustration is but the tip of the iceberg for these family who face such issues every single day.

Through this project, I met a number of people who were like-minded and want to give their time to helping others. I met 3 other photographers all of whom were highly skilled in their various field and more importantly humble. I met volunteers who went of the way just to make things happen and give their everyday to taking care of patients. In my eyes, these are truly wonderful and beautiful people. I pray that God will look after them everyday and bless them so that the patients can be well taken care off. I pray that God will bring and influence more people to give a bit of their time off their busy schedule. The capital gains that I relinquish off this photography project were more than what I ever experience in my life. I would never be able to forget the laughter on the patient face as they see their own photos being printed out.

I really hope that I be able to use my photography to accomplish something bigger than just taking photos. It is also thanksgiving time as my church has approved the opening of the Arts Ministry – Photography ministry being part of it. I’m really looking forward to serving God with the skills he has bestowed onto me and I commit all the photos that I have taken in glory of His name and creations. I hope that God will be happy with the photos. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Volunteering for ADA

  1. Continue to do your good work, Goderic; God knows your heart. You are a blessing to others. And I hope you have found a job. God bless

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