Fireworks Guide (Part 3a)

Final Image that we will try to achieve

Download the raw file here

I have decided to break the part 3 into A & B.

3a will focus on the post processing within Photoshop(PS) or Lightroom(LR). In actual fact, LR is part of PS. Whenever, you open up a raw file with PS, there is a raw editor in PS that will allow you to control the exposure, contrast and more settings. Basically, that raw editor in PS is exactly the same as the one in LR. The only one good reason to use LR is that it has better file management system. Other than that, I would strongly recommend PS because it has capabilities to do stitching, HDR, blending, insert signatures and many many more controls.

3b will focus on the post processing within PS ONLY. As it will involve more complex blending and layering method. (I will post 3b after NDP as I’m rather busy for the week) Essentially, 3a is more than enough to get good post processed image.

Photoshop Camera Raw

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.35.22 PM

Initial Shot

LR/PS settings
1) Camera Calibration: Adobe Standard

2) Lens Correction:
Lens Correction

3) Detail:

4) Basic:

5) Using the brush tool (5 different sets with 5 different settings)
This setting shd be the same for all 3 brush:
Brush Sec

Brush 1:
Brush 1

Area to Brush
Area 1

Purpose is to remove the smoke on the left side on the image. Just use your discretion if you want to do pixel peeping, you can go ahead and brush into your fireworks.

Brush 2:
Brush 2

Area to Brush
Area 2

Purpose is to illuminate your foreground

Brush 3:
Brush 3

Area to Brush – Same as Brush 2

Purpose is to fine tune the foreground exposure

Brush 4:
Brush 4

Area to Brush
Area 4

Purpose is to reduce the clipping of the highlights and exposure so that the centre of attention will be on the fireworks.

Brush 5:
Brush 5

Area to Brush
Area 5

Purpose is to increase the exposure because the reflection is really beautiful!

Disclaimer: These settings are base upon my own personal preference. And the main purpose of showing the workflow above is to let people know the rough idea on the Post Process workflow of fireworks.

Additional IMPORTANT Information
As I have mentioned earlier that PS and LR works the same so the same will work in PS except in a different visual presentation.

Additional Tip
Let’s say you want to work on LR and then use photoshop to further make minute adjustments. DO NOT use the “Edit in Photoshop” option which then prompts a TIFF file option. Instead “Save metadata to file” and then open the Raw file as it is and the previous settings will be retained.
Reason is because the TIFF file is very large file and your computer will lag.


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