Recent Photo influences

Recently, I have been introduced to photo journalism by a photographer I met while doing cityscape photography. I’m strongly attracted to how photo journalism portrays a story with both picture, simple captions and raw emotions. Currently, I’m having some thoughts about venturing into such an area to further my photography journey. Honestly, the amount of landscape/cityscape in Singapore is very limited.

I’m very much influenced by Invisible Photographer Asia’s post and competition. The standard set by the photo essays submitted is way beyond what I could do. Perhaps, I will spend these few days observing and thinking of a situation/story or theme to begin my photo essay.

One of my regrets is that I didn’t pick up photography early enough…

Anyway, I am also beginning a new photography project with A.Mad and so far it has received positive responses. I hope that my prayers and meetings ahead will help to smooth out all the obstacles so that we can embark on this exciting journey!

God, I need a direction in my life and I just want to thank you for giving me this hobby of capturing life in stills. More importantly, I would also want to give thanks for blessing me with the passion and numerous ideas. Nothing would ever be possible without your creation in the first place. And I hope that through my projects and photo essays, I can glorify your creations even more. I submit to you all the photographs that I have taken in honor of your creations.

Ah Tia

P.S: Now you know why I named my Facebook album as such…


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