The start to my photography journey
The start to my photography journey

This photo is of great significant to me. It represents the beginning of my photography journey and also the end to a lot of troubles I  am experiencing. Initially, I couldn’t really give a name or things that I like to photograph. I am not very into capturing people or events or products etc. Just only one particular interest which is Landscape/Cityscape and architecture. I really like the way buildings are made, the lines, symmetry and the whole design.

Coming to the problems I am facing then, I was in an awkward position with my company and had to choose between staying and leaving. I chose the latter after much deliberation because I don’t see the situation improving and part of me believes that God will make a way.

Till now, I still trust that God will somehow make a way for me in my life. Though i seen no progress in the way my life has been going for the past 3 months, I still continue to believe in His providence and blessings. The worst part to my faith is seeing how my friends are progressing well in their life, be it in careers, relationship or even studies. All of these are somehow affecting my emotional health badly and making me doubt the very cornerstone I believe in.

My prayer today: God…please make a way for me and show me your will.

Additional Info:
Settings – ISO 100, f8, 6s
Equipment – Pentax K-X, DAL 18-55mm
Place – This is the Flower Dome (Gardens by the Bay) and I was standing directly opposite it which is right outside Singapore Flyer’s river bank – Marina Bay.


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